About the Journey Center

Photo of Journey CenterThe vision for the Journey Center first came in early 2003 and since then we have been on a wonderful “journey” towards becoming all that God has invited us to be, both personally and as a Center for spirituality, healing and wholeness. Along the way, we have discovered that there are thousands of people here in Sonoma County, California… and many more throughout the world… who are longing for a genuine and transformative experience of God.

We have also discovered that God is longing for the same thing… for us to be transformed through the Spirit’s power as we encounter and experience (and share) the love that is poured out for us!

The Journey Center is a safe, welcoming and helpful place for all who are spiritually thirsty, no matter what path they have chosen at this point in their journey. We offer resources (online and local), events, gatherings and opportunities that are both Christ-centered and respectful of all spiritual paths.

We are safe…we are here to listen to your story and to be an encouragement, not to impose our own version of what your spiritual journey should look like.

We are welcoming… you are invited to come as you are, where you are, who you are… and to know that you will be loved, prayed for and supported.

We are helpful…offering many resources for your unique spiritual journey.

If you would like to know more about how we received the vision for the Journey Center and the path we are taking to implement and develop that vision, please read "Our Story". We have also listed our core beliefs so you know who we are and how we experience and understand what it means to be Christ-centered, as well as some frequently asked questions.