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The Counseling, Healing and Recovery Series offers individual, couple and group resources for those who are seeking guidance, healing and wholeness in their lives.

Individual Resources: Meet one-on-one with our trained counseling and healing practitioners. Call them to set up an appointment and discuss their services, including costs.


photo of Dan Beach, MFTFor over 35 years, Dan Beach, Marriage and Family Therapist and Journey Center spiritual director, has been offering counseling services to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents in a variety of settings. His experience, sensitivity, wisdom and spiritual perspective make him a trustworthy person to seek out if you are facing challenges and need resources beyond yourself. If you would like to talk with Dan about what counseling could offer you, he can be reached at 707/291-5845.

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HeartFree Counseling/Healing Prayer

image of heart and handsHealthy living includes emotional and spiritual health, as well as physical health. Sometimes issues of life can wound the heart deeply. HeartFree, a Christ-centered counseling and healing prayer practice, assists with life's pain, past and present. More>

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DESIRE: A Year's Experience in Exploring Your Personal Desire (Spiritual Counseling)

photo of water drop

It seems to me that we can never give up longing and wishing
while we are alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them. ~ George Eliot

The danger is that the soul should persuade itself that it is not hungry. It can only persuade itself of this by lying. ~Simone Weil

To lost heart is to lose everything. Everything that makes a life worth living flows from the heart... connection, intimacy, love, joy, romance, adventure, meaning, purpose, identity, one’s place in the world. But how do we know what our heart needs to be alive and free? How do we even know what our heart is up to or how it’s doing since most of us have us have never been taught to understand, or even recognize, the voice of the heart. More>

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"The Attorney is In"

photo of Roy JohnstonA resource to help with your discernment if you have a legal question or find yourself in a legal situation.
Appointments are available Monday, November 26
in half–hour increments at 5:00, 5:45 and 6:30 p.m.

Meet with our favorite attorney, Roy Johnston, at the Journey Center for a no-cost 30-minute consultation. Roy is a specialist in estate planning, probate, trust administration, mortgages, real estate and business, and is conversant in other areas of law, such as family law and bankruptcy, and can give referrals to attorneys who specialize in these other areas of law. More>

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Life Coaching Strategy Sessions with Cynthia H. Stringer,
Master Coach & Spiritual Director

photo of Cynthia H. Stringer By appointment
Inspiring and teaching YOU to develop and make profitable your spiritual business and align your career with your authenticity, values, vision, purpose and heart’s desire. During these 30–45 minute one–to–one appointments, we will reflect, revisit and release the past year and spend time planning, listening and preparing for what is emerging in the coming year. You will leave with a simplified life map and tools for further reflection. More>

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