Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an invitation to come as you are, encounter the Holy and see what happens. In spiritual direction, we set aside time to meet with someone who will prayerfully listen as we reflect on our relationship with our Creator. A spiritual director holds safe, sacred space for us and helps us discern and experience God’s presence and the Spirit’s movement in our lives, in more of a moment-by-moment way.

Here at Journey Center online, spiritual direction is at the core of everything we offer and we are glad to introduce you to the gifted spiritual directors we recommend. Each of them has completed a training/certification program and offers virtual sessions online, so that you can meet with a spiritual director from wherever you are.

NOTE: If you are a trained spiritual director looking for a supervisor, please see Dale Webb’s information below. He offers both group and individual supervision opportunities.

Spiritual Direction Resources

Watch our Introduction to Spiritual Direction Workshop – Part 1 & 2

Spiritual Directors

As you read each person’s story, notice the 2 or 3 that you are most drawn to. This is the place to begin your discernment about who the Spirit is inviting you to meet with for this season of your spiritual journey. Contact those spiritual directors via their email address to set up an initial introductory appointment, which is free of charge. This is a time for you and the spiritual director to get to know each other. Feel free to contact multiple people if this will help you determine who is right for you. If you choose to continue meeting with a spiritual director, they will talk with you about their fee for ongoing monthly sessions. May you be blessed as you seek and find your spiritual director, and the wonderful gift of spiritual direction.