Get to know the Journey Center Association

The Journey Center Association (JCA) is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence since 2016, established because of the growing interest in what God has been doing through the Journey Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

It is our mission to enter into discernment with and provide practical resources to those individuals and groups who are sensing that the Spirit is inviting them to explore the possibility of birthing a Journey Center, or something like it, in their city or region.

Here you will find free introductory resources for everyone…plus mentoring, training and support resources for members and associates of the JCA. After reviewing these, please feel free to contact me (Joanna Quintrell: joanna@journeycenter.org) if you have any questions and would like to schedule a conversation… I look forward to meeting you!

Is the Spirit Calling You?

Joanna’s Story

It can be both exciting and overwhelming to recognize that something is stirring in you…that perhaps the Spirit is inviting you to listen more deeply for God’s invitation at this season in your life. I’m Joanna Quintrell, the Executive Director of the JCA, and I will never forget experiencing those first stirrings on my own journey! Dan Beach and I were pastors at a big church and grateful to be there doing what we loved and felt gifted for. When the vision for the Journey Center was given in 2003, it was unexpected and confusing. All we knew was that God wanted to do “something new” here in Sonoma County, California and we were being invited to leave the familiar to birth something pioneering…Journey Center [...]

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Phases and Resources for Becoming a Journey Center Association Member

Free Resources for Phase One: Entering into Discernment

Our journey together begins with informal conversations in which we get to know each other and begin to listen to God together, and there is no charge for the resources in this first phase of early discernment. We simply want to offer you support, prayer and a listening ear as you begin to explore what God is saying and how the Spirit is moving in you and in your area.

As you enter into early discernment, we offer consultation, community and written resources. Read the following document  An Invitation to a Discernment Journey (pdf) for more details.

Resources for the Second Phase of the Discernment Journey: Becoming a JCA Associate Group

If you and your group discern that God is indeed inviting you to move toward birthing something in your area, we offer a variety of resources to support and equip you as you enter into active discernment. There is no requirement at this point in your discernment process to commit to birthing a Journey Center; our desire is to walk with you as you continue to listen deeply to God, whatever the calling turns out to be.

Choosing to join the JCA as an Associate group gives you and your leadership group access to the following resources for active discernment: consultation, mentoring, training, community, resources and discounts. Read the following document  An Invitation to a Discernment Journey (pdf) for more details about resources and fees.

Resources for the Third Phase of the Discernment Journey: Becoming a JCA Member Group

Some Associate groups will discern that God is calling them to birth a Journey Center in their area, which is a process that requires specific mentoring, training and support as it includes becoming a non-profit organization.

Choosing to become a full member of the Journey Center Association licenses you to use the Journey Center name and gives you access to all the resources that the JCA offers, including: guidance through the process of becoming a nonprofit organization, consultation, mentoring, training, community, resources and discounts. Read the following document  An Invitation to a Discernment Journey (pdf) for more details about resources and fees.

Journey Center Association Events

The Journey Center Association has an annual gathering, regional events, online member groups, trainings, orientation sessions and other resources. Some are open to Associates and Members only, and others welcome all who are interested. Listed below are upcoming events. Contact joanna@journeycenter.org if you would like more information.

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Journey Center Association Board/Staff

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