Caprice ApplequistSpiritual Director

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    A few years ago I started my training as a spiritual director, and I was the youngest person in the class by nearly twenty years. I’ve found that few young people are involved in spiritual direction. Yet every time I talk about it with a fellow millennial, they think it sounds wonderful for them. That was definitely my experience.

    Spiritual direction pushed me to significantly greater depths in my spiritual life and relationships with others. The gift of spiritual direction has been one of the most helpful resources in my life. I come from an evangelical background, so discovering things like contemplative prayer and holy listening created some good balance in my life.

    I love practicing as a spiritual director, because it gives me a chance to see how God moves and works in other people’s lives. Much of my life has been committed to building bridges between the Muslim and Christian worlds, and I am open to people of both faiths as a spiritual director.

    Outside of all of that I love baking and listening to podcasts. I also aspire to one day try stand up comedy. I would be delighted to journey with you toward a deeper experience of the one true God. You can find out more about me at