Dale WebbSpiritual Director, Spiritual Direction Supervisor

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    Thank you for this opportunity to share with you my embrace of contemplative spirituality and spiritual direction. Over a significant career in congregational ministry and healthcare chaplaincy, I enjoyed many opportunities to participate in contemplative retreats and gatherings. Along the way, I experienced a wide array of spiritual practices. Brushing up against contemplative spirituality in these ways was enjoyable, but without foundation or structure sufficient to draw me in more deeply. I knew I longed for the depths but had no idea how to enter in. That longing brought me to the Journey Center.

    It was the two-year Spiritual Director Formation Program that captured and held my attention. Not only would I learn about myself and my own spiritual path, at the same time I would also discover ways of holding sacred space for others as their spiritual director. Since completing the formation program, I have continued to serve as a spiritual director to individuals and also in group settings. I am richly blessed and profoundly honored to serve in these ways.

    Serving as a spiritual director has come with a commitment to supervision. Meeting periodically with a supervisor affords the discipline and the opportunity for me to reflect more deeply on my own experience as a spiritual director and how the Spirit may be calling me to open to growth and transformation in my direction relationships. Because I treasure the richness of gifted supervision, early in 2020 I completed Spiritual Direction Supervision training and am now able to offer supervision to spiritual directors in both individual and group settings.

    On a personal note, I am an avid reader, embrace a regular practice of centering prayer, I enjoy nearly all genres of music. I am drawn to celebrate with gratitude the beauty and wonder of creation, which could be from behind the lens of a camera, on a motorcycle ride through the vineyards, or on a quiet walk in solitude along an ocean-side cliff or in a redwood forest, open to the presence and transformation of the Holy.

    Dale Webb

    Spiritual Director
    Spiritual Direction Supervisor
    Contemplative Outreach Commissioned Presenter
    Contemplative Retreat Facilitator